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Misconceptions About AI for Barbour ABI & Glenigan

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence, Barbour ABI, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing

When people think of marketing automation, they’ll often think spammy marketing tactics where emails are sent automatically and without thought to the value it represents to the recipient.

This is one of the ways it’s been used in the past, thoughtlessly, but it isn’t how the best marketers use it. And it’s not the approach taken by Project Prospecta. 

We wanted to take this time to clear up some misconceptions around automated marketing for Barbour ABI and Glenigan. 


AI can’t replace people. But it can supplement their efforts. It doesn’t take the humans out of the picture, rather, as some people say, it “takes the robot out of the human.”

AI can’t replace most human roles (approximately only 5% of all jobs could be fully “botsourced”, according to McKinsey). But it can add to your teams capactiy and output and lead to more rapid growth.

What if your sales and marketing team could contact more leads, and do a great job following them up, all with the help of AI? 

Also, AI can take care of mindless, repetitive tasks, and do a more accurate job. No one likes doing data entry. But robots are great at it. 

This is very relevant when it comes to construction market intelligence like Barbour ABI and Glenigan. AI shines in these environments. There is so much data there that only a robot can really make the most of this. Enter Project Prospecta.New call-to-actionYou can learn more about the origin of Project Prospecta in our interview with Leigh Simpson here

By freeing up time for your team, you give them more time to engage with new leads and other productive tasks.   

“Bot” does not equal “spam

There are a number of things that would flag an email as spam.

  • poor timing
  • generic wording

These can both be mitigated by practicing a few common marketing practices. 


If the timing of emails is strange, it makes it seem like it’s coming from a bot. If emails come every few days, you can imagine it’s a person sending them. 

By adding some “wait” steps to an automated email campaign, it mimicks the human timing people expect from email communication. 


The tone really comes down to the humans behind the AI. 

Human creativity is required to bring it to life. Microsoft’s AI assistant Cortana was created by a team including a playwright, poet, and novelist, to make sure it had the right tone. Confident, but not arrogant. The same is required for emails, smart content, or chat bots in your organization. Again, giving marketing AI an appropriate personality is dependent on the creative team behind it.

Another important element to make AI messaging more personal is personalization. This can be simple things, like using your prospects first name in an email subject line. But it can also mean choosing a different message for a prospect based on previous website interactions and content engagement. Studies show personalized content is dramatically more effective than non-personalized content.


The future is not a spamfest. AI marketing doesn’t mean being bludgeoned by huge amounts of impersonal messages. It means relevant, timely, personal messages, delivered at times and locations that are convenient for the customer. That’s what AI really makes possible.

For Barbour ABI subscribers, Project Prospecta is a powerful tool to carry out large-scale, personalized marketing and lead scoring campaigns. This can transform a huge pool of prospects into a short list of warm leads who already know a good bit about you and your product.

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