5 Ways to Find Construction Sales Leads

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Barbour ABI, Construction Market Intelligence, Lead Generation

Selling in the wake of the pandemic is completely different. It’s not easy to feel motivated to get back out there. Especially as a lot of contacts are still furloughed and other contacts are less eager to engage in conversations with the fear of a recession looming.

There are ways to do it though. This article includes the fundamentals and some new tactics.

But here’s something else to think about before we get into it. Sales strategy needs to adapt to the times. In the information age, people don’t welcome sales calls like they used to. It may be time to take a look at your sales strategy and re-evaluate your entire approach. The right sales strategy will allow you to grow consistently and organically over the long-term.

We suggest you align your sales and marketing teams behind a great inbound methodology before going straight to generating new leads. My good friends at Insynth have written about that here: “how to change the way you sell to bounce back”.

But at the end of the day – you need revenue, and generating it requires selling. So here are some ways to get back out there.

Here are a 5 ways to do it:

1. Yellow Pages

Do you feel like your whole life is spent in front of a computer screen?

You may enjoy thumbing through the pages, making notes with a pencil and highlighting numbers to call.

Another benefit is that it skips Google’s algorithm, and you can look at an unbiased list of leads in your chosen field.

Also, the smell of yellow pages will likely bring back memories of ordering pizza from a local delivery service on those special nights when your mum didn’t feel like making dinner. Or your first sales gig. Get ready for some heady nostalgia along with a few new numbers to call.

2. Referrals

Who have you worked with in the past? If you’ve had a great interactions with them, it can’t hurt to call them up and ask how they’re doing. Everyone could use a friendly call these days, and most people are looking for ways to help each other out.

Ask how their experience with you was. Ask a few more questions that can be helpful in positioning yourself well for new prospects, like “what were some of the original problems that caused you to seek us out?”.

If their experience with you has been good, ask them to leave a review on your website, or if there is anyone in their network that they could put you in touch with. They will likely be eager to help in any way they can. Referrals are a great source of new contacts because of the trust that comes with them. People buy from people – and their friends.

3. Business Directory Websites

Ok. We’ve hit a couple of analog approaches. Let’s get into the digital world.

Business directory websites are helpful resources for finding new prospects and being found by them. The business directory lists all businesses according to category. Just get in touch with them to get listed.

Specified By lists building products and lets architects, specifiers, and contractors compare them. This is the best website to get listed on for a construction product business.

Business Directory is a generic business directory.

Approved Business is another one.

Building Talk is not a directory, but a great source of construction news and new projects. Keep up to date and know who to contact when relevant projects spring up.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Businesses who sell to business are much more active on LinkedIn than anywhere else. If you don’t like the idea of popping up in someone’s inbox uninvited LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you an alternative. At £80 per month it’s fairly pricey, but a helpful tool.

It provides you with more information about your connections and better search tools.

For instance you can search for people who have recently started new management-level jobs.These new hires will likely be trying to establish themselves by making changes and improving the quality of products used in their business. Introducing yourself at this stage is a good strategy.

By having more information about contacts your invites and messages can be more relevant and less disruptive.

5. Construction Project Leads

Construction project lead companies are searchable databases of every current construction project and associated contacts. Of these services, Barbour ABI and Glenigan are the largest.

They do the hard work of tracking every project that is submitted to planners and submitting them to their own personal database.

With a subscription, you can access the database and create filters for job role, project type, and timeline and have these sent to you as reports daily or weekly.

Barbour ABI uploaded 42,000 new projects this week. That’s a lot of potential new leads. The key is getting specific with what projects and roles you’re targeting. You may also need to implement a plan to consistently follow up on these leads to make the most of these services.

There are services available that can help you with that, one being soon-to-be-launched Project Prospecta.

Integrating with Barbour ABI, it uses AI to make soft outreach with relevant contacts and alerts you when they are ready to have a conversation with your sales reps.

To find out more visit the Project Prospecta website.


Lead generation is hard, but it can be done. Maybe try one of our more basic methods before moving on to the more sophisticated ones. See what works for you.

Do you have a go-to lead generation tactic? We’d love to hear about it and may include it in our next edition of this post. Email: jack@projectprospecta.com

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