(with Barbour ABI + Project Prospecta)

Automated lead nurturing that builds awareness and drives revenue.  



Automatically contact every good Barbour ABI lead.

Create interest in your building product or service.

 Get specified by architects, engineers, and contractors.



What is Project Prospecta?

Do you have Barbour ABI? Are you using it to it’s full potential?

With so much data in the Barbour ABI system it’s hard for a mere mortal to make the most of it.

That’s where Pepe (our lead ProBot) come’s in. He’s purpose built to give you a hand
with that. 
He searches the Barbour database for good-fit contacts, initiates outreach,
nurtures leads, and lets you 
know who’s interested.

No more missed deals

With so many promising leads in the Barbour ABI system, sometimes the best ones
are overlooked. Pepe’s goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How does it work?


It all starts with Barbour ABI​

Create your account with the leading construction project leads database.


Create Your Probot

​Your personal probot will search Barbour ABI for relevant contacts for your business. 


Create Your Probot

​Your Personal probot will onfigure your target leads to filter the Barbour ABI database​


Commence Marketing Automation

Your ProBot then delivers information about your solutions to good fit prospects.


Lead Scoring

Prospects engagement is tracked and scored through awareness, consideration, and decision stages.


Lead Scoring

Create a scoring system to qualify leads through Awareness, Consideration and Specification​


Receive your Hot Leads

Your probot alerts you to hot leads, even while they’re still on your website.



Optimise your inbound lead volumes as well as marketing collateral​​.



Optimise your inbound lead volumes as well as marketing collateral​​



Deliver efficient sales and marketing for you.

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Really happy with the service and the results we have gained from working with Jack and the team at
Project Prospecta.

John Hall

National Platforms


The team at Project Prospecta have been a pleasure to deal with. Jack took the time to discuss how the system works and presented us with a number of options so that we could have a tailored experience for our business needs.

We quickly accrued a number of fresh leads that we would likely have otherwise missed. Brilliant service at an affordable cost. We would highly recommend the team at Project Prospecta.

Rob Eckersley

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Why is Project Prospecta right for you?

Are you in the building products / construction industry? Have you seen other people get great results with Barbour ABI but not known how to leverage it for your business? Project Prospecta was built based on our own experience with Barbour ABI and enables businesses of all sizes to grow with qualified leads.     



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